This website will provide you with an initial search to help you along with your own research. Details provided here are taken from five years of research. BAD-2 Association rosters, Imperial War Museum records, and crash reports are a handful of the many ways this information was sourced.

A list of USAAF Units attributed to BAD-2 can be found below.

This list will be updated as new information is sourced.

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402nd Air Depot HQ

10th Airdrome Squadron

45th Airdrome Squadron

100th Airdrome Squadron

361st Airdrome Squadron

363rd Airdrome Squadron

365th Airdrome Squadron

7th Air Depot Group

10th Air Depot Group

16th Air Depot Group

23rd Air Depot Group

29th Air Depot Group

33rd Air Depot Group

34th Air Depot Group

40th Air Depot Group

45th Air Depot Group

50th Air Depot Group

56th Air Depot Group

911th Air Engineering Squadron

27th Air Transport Group

87th Air Transport Squadron

2025th Air Transport Squadron

2920th Air Transport Squadron

494th Anti-Aircraft Gun Battalion

523rd Army Air Force Band

109th Battalion Coastal Artillery Unit

461st Battalion Coastal Artillery Unit (Battery B)

2nd Depot Repair Squadron

7th Depot Repair Squadron

10th Depot Repair Squadron

16th Depot Repair Squadron

22nd Depot Repair Squadron

23rd Depot Repair Squadron

33rd Depot Repair Squadron

35th Depot Repair Squadron

45th Depot Repair Squadron

61st Depot Repair Squadron

65th Depot Repair Squadron

89th Depot Repair Squadron

91st Depot Repair Squadron

307th Depot Repair Squadron

310th Depot Repair Squadron

311th Depot Repair Squadron

314th Depot Repair Squadron

315th Depot Repair Squadron

316th Depot Repair Squadron

319th Depot Repair Squadron

325th Depot Repair Squadron

29th Depot Supply Squadron

33rd Depot Supply Squadron

312th Depot Supply Squadron

829th Engineer Aviation Battalion

843rd Engineer Aviation Battalion

310th Ferrying Squadron

311th Ferrying Squadron

312th Ferrying Squadron

56th Field Hospital

2004th Fire Fighting Platoon Aviation Engineers

29th Headquarters Squadron

185th Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

186th Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

187th Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

188th Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

189th Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

190th Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

191st Medium Dispatch Aviation Squadron

976th Military Police Company

977th Military Police Company

1273rd Military Police Company

315th Ordnance Maintenance Company

2002nd Ordnance Maintenance Company

1672nd Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

1716th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

407th Quartermasters Platoon Air Depot Group

433rd Quartermasters Platoon Air Depot Group

407th Quartermasters Truck Company

1925th Quartermasters Truck Company

1988th Quartermasters Truck Company

2212th Quartermasters Truck Company

2213th Quartermasters Truck Company

2223rd Quartermasters Truck Company

2233rd Quartermasters Truck Company

2461st Quartermasters Truck Company

2481st Quartermasters Truck Company

1583rd Quartermasters Truck Company

812th Quartermasters Truck Company

1st Service Group

519th Service Squadron

520th Service Squadron

36th Station Complement Squadron

92nd Station Complement Squadron

1040th Signal Company Service Group

307th Station Hospital

92nd Supply Squadron

753rd Signal Platoon

16th Air Base Squadron

13th Filler Squadron

14th Filler Squadron

15th Filler Squadron

26th Filler Squadron