This website will provide you with an initial search to help you along with your own research. Details provided here are taken from five years of research. BAD-2 Association rosters, Imperial War Museum records, and crash reports are a handful of the many ways this information was sourced.

A list of personnel who served at BAD-2 can be found below.

If further details are available, entries will be marked with “*”.

This list will be updated as new information is sourced.

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 Roll Call:

Aguilar, Anthony – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Albro, A S – Commanding Officer

Amundsen, Byron – Alert crew

Anderson, Robert J – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Appel, Norman – Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Arnold, William H – Acting Chief of Maintenance Division *

Aubihl, William F – Instrument Shop, Gyroscopes, Hangar 9

Austin, John – 310th Ferry Squadron

Baker, George M – Manufacturing and Repair

Baldauf, John – Manufacturing and Repair

Baldwin, Thomas B T – NCOIC, Hangar 2

Ballenger, Joe – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 2

Barclay, Ivan J – Maintenance HQ

Bard, Ora – Unknown *

Barger, Joseph – 91st Repair Squadron

Barnes, Andrew – Flight Test *

Barrer, Sid – Maintenance

Bartunek, Edward H – Machinist

Batchelor, George E – Pilot, 310th Ferry Squadron

Beadle, Buster – P-51 Specialist, Hangar 5 *

Begonsky, Stanley C – Maintenance Division *

Berke, Sidney – Armaments Inspection

Bernacki, Paul B – Clerk, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Berry, Paul A – Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Bingham, Lloyd – Pilot, Flight Test *

Bird, Eugiene A – Machinist and Salvage

Blainblatt, John – Technical Sergeant *

Blodgett, Pliny R – Pilot, Flight Test *

Bloemendal, John A – Pilot *

Blum, Donald W – Camera and instrument repair, Instrument Shop

Boehm, Robert – Engine Test Cells *

Bokowski, Louis – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 2

Boland, Thomas – Engineering Officer *

Bonardi, Robert W – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Bonser, Harold R – Flight Engineer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Booth, Francis X – 36th Station Complement Squadron

Borke, Lars O – Engine Overhaul Inspection, Hangar 13

Borreco, C V – Manufacturing and Repair

Brandis, Fay W – Pilot, Executive Officer, 310th Ferry Squadron *

Braum, Robert F – Instrument Shop, Gyroscopes, Hangar 9

Bravo, Rocco – 27th Air Transport Group, 519th Service Squadron

Brazeal, George J – 45th Air Depot Squadron

Brown, George C – Unknown *

Bugatto, Henry – Machinist

Burns, Charles M – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 2

Burton, Schuyler – Maintenance Electrician

Bushardt, Frank – Engine Test Cell

Caldwell, Madison M – 2481st Quartermaster’s Truck Company

Campbell, Dewey – Pilot, Flight Test *

Canel, Al – P-51 Specialist, Hangar 5 *

Capello, Joseph B – Driver, 26th Station Complement Squadron

Carr Snr, Allen G – Sheet Metal, Hangar 4

Carroll, Charles M – 100th Airdrome Squadron

Castelli, Frank E – Mess Sergeant

Chatham, Avery W – Fuel Systems

Chatham, James – Barber, accommodation sites 8, 10, 12

Clark, Francis – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 3

Clark, Frank C – Clerk, Post Office, Site 10

Clausen, Leslie C – Aircraft Inspector

Clearwater, William – Pilot, Flight Test *

Clemow, Joseph W – Pilot, 310th Ferry Squadron

Collie, Bernard A – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Collins, Merrill “Bud” – Supply Clerk*

Collins, Richard A – Engine Test Cells

Comenzo, Louis A – Military Police, Site 8

Commanday, Maurice R – Assistant Officer in Charge, Manufacturing and Repair

Conklin, Ralph C – Machinist

Connell, Warren T – Inspector

Cortez, Ralph – Unknown *

Corzine, Keith – Crew Chief

Covert, Frederick B – Crew Chief, Hangar 3

Cox, Ray – Unknown *

Craig, C Wallace – Glider Assembly, Transferred from 45th Infantry

Creamer, Edward J – Unknown Hangar

Cross, Herbert George – Unknown *

Crowley, Joseph A – Radio Section

Croxen, Kenneth – Sheet Metal, All Hangars

Croyle, Ray U – Electrician, Landing Gear Repair

Cummings, William F – Aircraft Maintenance

Czechowicz, Walter J – Base Adjuntant’s Driver, Motor Pool

Dacus, Harry L – Inspector

Dalton, Sam S – Inspector

Daly, Tom – 94th Bomb Group

Davey, Fran – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Davis, Edmund O – Medic

Davis, Ronald M – NCOIC Prod’ Control

Dawson, Louis – Engine Test, Flight Line

Dayer, Don – Crew Chief, Hangar 2

De Hoff, Alvin H – Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Decker, Preston – Sheet Metal, Hangar 4 and 5

Decker, Robert L – 311th Ferry Squadron

Denson Snr, James L – Station Control, Maintenance HQ

Derbyshire, Rowena – American Red Cross Club

Diehl, Marvin A – Crew Chief, 311th Ferry Squadron

Dietz, Wim – Unknown *

Dillon, Charles E – Accessory Repair

Dillon, Walter K – Radio Section, Hangar 5

Dimestico, Paul J – Flight Test, Hangars 6 and 7

Dloughy, Raymond – Crew Chief, Flight Test, 10th Airdrome Squadron *

Dobsonm Winfield H – 7th Air Depot Group

Dolgin, Louis – Engine Test and Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Drew, Allan E – Manufacturing and Repair, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Driscoll, Jack D – Crew Chief, Hangar 2

Durrett, Dale A – Clerk, Radio Section

Dutton, Charles B – Supply division

Dzwonkas, Anthony F – Sheet Metal, Crew Chief, Hangar 1

Eckert, Jacob C – Pilot, 310th Ferry Squadron

Elim, Joseph – Site 10

Elliott, Donald A – Armourer, Armoury

Englander, Bernard – Electrician

Enns, Glenn – Supply Division, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Epperly, William – Mess, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Epstein, Sol – Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Erickson, Albert E – Equipment Maintenance, Carpenter Shop

Etter, Ernest – Flight Test, Hangar 4

Eubanks, Cecil – 36th Station Complement Squadron

Everese, Roger E – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 2

Everett, Harold R – Manufacturing and Repair

Fabiani, Gino – Flight Test, 310th Ferry Squadron

Fahrer, Morton J – Link Trainer, 7th Air Depot Group

Falabella Jr, Gates – Inspector

Farmer, Leroy A – Inspector, Maintenance

Farmer, Wayne – Engine Test Cells *

Farow, Edward – Maintenance Division *

Fauke, Sylvester F – Fire Fighter, 36th Station Complement Group

Felker, Jake E – Supply Division

Ferrell, Martha – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Fields, Clyde – Base Adjutant’s Clerk

Finui, John – Aircraft Mechanic

Flournoy, Lee C – Supply Division

Flowers, Thomas – Alert Crew *

Foreham, Clayton L – Hydraulic Shop

Forehand, Robert – Flight Engineer

Forrester, John F – NCOIC Base HQ, 402nd Air Depot Group

Foster, Nancy – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Frankel, Harold W – OIC Plexiglass Shop

Freeland, James – Supply Division

Freeman, Tex – Unknown *

Frindley, Leslie G – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 3

Frink, Keith B – Radio Section, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Frndak, Raymond – Flight Test, 7th Air Depot Group

Gall, Forrest C – Maintenance Inspector, Sheet Metal

Garland, Earl L – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Gary, Willard R – Supply Division

Gattis, Mac – Flight Test *

Gaudetter, Joseph L – Administrative Division *

Gearing, Gene E – Flight Control, Flight Op’s

George, Carla – Unknown *

George, Leo J – Radio Section

Gerlach, Karl K – Hangars 1 to 5

Gerow, Jack – Instrument Shop, Hangar 9, 45th Air Depot Group

Giacoletto, Olivio – Crew Chief, 310th Ferry Squadron

Gibbs Jr, Paul – 45th Air Depot Group

Gilmore, Tom – Aircraft Mechanic

Gingery, Robert O – Armourer, Hangars 1 to 5

Glazier, Dale O – Manufacturing and Repair

Glitsis, Minas Philip – Unknown *

Gokey, Bob – Flight Test *

Goldberg, Samuel A – Engine Test Cells

Goldman, Morton D – Radio Section

Goldsmith, Harry – Unknown *

Goldy, Kenneth – Supply Division

Golemme, Alfred R – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Goodman, Ben – Acting Base Commander *

Gosney, George – Sheet Metal, Hangar 4 *

Grabber, Carl – Assistant Crew Chief, Hangar 3

Graham, Steve – Armourer, Armament Section

Grahame, Arnold – Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Test

Greenberg, Arthur – Watch Repair, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Grendahl, Earl – Carpenter Shop

Griesheimer, Walter M – Hangar Clerk

Griffith, Frank C – Radio Shop

Grogan, Charles L – Fire Fighter, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Grondin, Thomas G – Radio Section

Guest, E – Engine Test Cells

Guinn, (Lt) – Unknown *

Gusow, Arthur – Aircraft Mechanic, Bear Hug Flight

Guy, John F – Unknown *

Guy, Wayne R – 2213rd Quartermasters Truck Company

Haag, Gilbert L – Base HQ Clerk, 402nd Air Depot

Haas, George – Flight Test, 10th Airdrome Squadron

Hagey, Ralph L – Aerial Engineer, 8th Air Transport Group

Hall, Harold M – Aircraft Engineering Inspector

Halliwell, Frank – RAF Liason Officer *

Hammer, Kenneth – OIC Parachute Shop

Hammitt, Paul S – Sheet Metal, Hangar 4

Hancock, Phillip W – Hangar 2

Hanlon, John Robert – Unknown

Hansen, Harold – Unknown *

Hanson, Ronald – Line Chief, Instrument Shop

Hanson, Virgil – PX Manager

Haraldsen, Kenneth – Aircraft Electrician

Hargas, Henry M – Aerial Engineer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Harmon, Leo – Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Test

Harner, John E – Armourer, Turret Specialist, Armament Shop

Harper, Frank – Manufacturing and Repair Admin

Harring, Arthur J – Radio Technician

Harris, Delbert E – Pilot, Flight Test, Hangars 6 and 7

Harris, James L – Air Corps Supply

Harrison, Richard T – NCIOC Instrument Shop

Hartshorn, Laurel – Army Nurse Corps, Base Hospital

Hastings, Hy D – Clerk, Hangar 7

Hawk, Millard J – Message Centre, Signal Corps

Hawkins, Robert E – Engine Test Cells

HazelWood, Richard – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 2, 310th Ferry Squadron

Heinrich, Robert F – Clerk, Maintenance Supply, 36th Station Complementary Squadron

Heitmuller, Robert – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 1

Held, Frederick – Manufacturing and Repair

Henry, Pop – Unknown *

Hericks, Robert F – Aircraft Mechanic

Herrington, William R – Armourer, 2002nd Ordinance Maintenance Company

Heyer, (Lt Col) – Acting Chief of Maintenance Division *

Himes, Charles W – Chief Test Pilot *

Hines, Madeline – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Hines, Russell – OIC Inspection, Maintenance Hangars

Hinnant, W G – Supply Division, Receiving and Shipping

Hirt, Robert L – 92nd Station Complement Squadron

Hoagland, William A – Aircraft Mechanic, Crew Chief, Hangar 4, 27th Air Transport Group

Holmes, Dale K – Parts Expediter

Holmes, Robert J – OIC Maintenance

Honig, Edward F – Commanding Officer, Base Hospital

Hooper, Reverend Parker S – Chaplains Assistant, Site 10 Chapel

Houck, Charles W – Draftsman, 7th Air Depot Group

Houser, Frederick – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 2

Hubbard, Joseph – Instrument Repair, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Hubbard, Kenneth E – Pilot *

Hudson, Frederick W – 36th Station Complement Squadron

Hume, Pat – American Red Cross Director, Base Hospital

Hunter, Harry W – Quartermasters Supply, 33rd Air Depot Group

Hutchins, D L – Commanding Officer *

Imperato, Vincent E – Pressure Regulators, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Insani, Mario – Aerial Engineer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Ireland, Stewart H – Chief Clerk, Supply Division HQ

Isenberg, Norman – Commander, Site 13 *

Jackson, Paul – Colonel

Jacob, Fred – Unknown *

Jacobs, Florence – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Jagels, Otto – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangars 2, 6 and 7

Jastrzembski, Vitalis – Unknown

Jefferies, Roy P – Inspector, Air Corps Supply

Jennings, Harold T – Inspector, Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Jensen, Elmer – NCOIC Tubing Department, Machine Shop, Manufacturing and Repair

Jensen, George – Unknown *

Jensen, Niels W – Air Inspector’s Office, Tech Order Library

Johnson Jr, Leonard D – Unknown *

Johnson, Arnold L – 7th Air Depot Group

Johnson, Crosby – Military Police and American Red Cross Driver, 1273rd Military Police Company

Johnson, Eric – Engine Overhaul, 23rd Air Depot Group

Jones, Walter – Flight Engineer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Kadow, Clarence W – Accident Investigator, HQ

Kaim, Irwin J – Photo Officer

Kammer, Walter – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 4

Kane Jr, George R – Hangar 4

Karns, Hubart B – Aircraft Mechanic

Karolishyn, Metro – Inventory Control, Base Supply

Kastla, Ralph W – Flight Line, 7th Air Depot Group

Kehoe, Desmond – Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Keller, (TSgt) – Hangar 4 *

Kelly, Art – Flight Test *

Kennedy, Jack – Flight Test *

Kerlee, Carl S – Radio Inspector, 7th Air Depot Group

Kern, John – Records, Maintenance HQ

Kibler, Clarence L – Meteorologist, Weather Station, 18th Weather Squadron

Kiel, William – Unknown *

King, George R – Technical Specialist *

Kinkade, Harold H – Executive Office, Site 11

Kinney, Gordon Wilbur – Flight Crew *

Kitch, Robert – Flight Engineer, Hydraulics, Flight Test

Knapp, William H – Armourer, Armament Section, 10th Airdrome Squadron

Knight, Jack – Pilot, Flight Test *

Kolat, Fred J – Radio and RADAR Technician, Hangar 4, 34th Air Depot Group

Kornfiend, Helen A – Army Nurse Corps, Base Hospital

Korzilius, Richard W – Parachute and Life Raft Inspector

Koszenski, Harry – Tech’ Supply, Reclamation and Salvage

Kotzahn, Raymond – Fire Fighter, Base Fire Department, 2004th EAFFP

Kovalski, John A – Tech’ Supply, Hangars 4 and 5

Krupa, Walter – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 4

Kuehner, Richard – Civil Service

Kurtz, Thomas – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13, 96th Bomb Group, 3rd Air Depot Group

Kutsenkow, John – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 4

Kyger, Donald L – Pre-flight, Flightline, 7th Air Depot Group

Labourr, Donald C – HQ Admin

Laurence, Jane – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Lauridsen, Carl A – Armourer, Armament Section

Le May, Walter A – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 3

Lenneville, Edwin L – Lathe Foreman, Manufacturing and Repair

Levin, George – OIC Radio Maintenace

Lewis, Robert W – Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Flight Test

Lieb, Helen – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Lindenmuth, Lamar L – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 2

Llewelyn, Clark N – Mess Supply Sergeant

Lobotzke, Arthur F – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Logan Jr, Blaine B – Base Supply

Loughlin, John F – Crew Chief, Hangar 5

Lowe Sr, Thomas B – Radio Repair, Hangar 5

Lowery, James – Base Adjutant

Lowry, Arnal B – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Lucy, W D – Commanding Officer

Mabry, Robert C – Aircraft Supply, Hangar 4

Madden, Thomas D – OIC Bomb Site and Auto Pilot Repair

Manassero, Peter – Pilot *

Maners, Jasper N – Electrical Accessories

Mann, Merle – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Marshall, Keely – Clerk, Base HQ

Marusky, George – HQ Supply

Mason, Roland B – Radar Mechanic, 753rd Signal Platoon

Matthews, Ralph A – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Maudlin, Lee – Radio Specialist *

Mayor, David – Flight Test *

McCallister, Donald – Final Engineering, 95th Infantry Division

McCallman Sr, John D – Aircraft Mechanic, Preflight, 7th Air Depot Group

McClanahan, Harvey – Spec. Services, 37th Station Complement Section

McClune, Richard – Inspector, Maintenance, Hangars 2 and 3 *

McClure, John – Radio Operator and Mechanic, 310th Ferry Squadron

McConnel, Clyde G – Truck Driver, 2461st Quartermasters Truck Company

McCoy, James F – Turret Lathe, Manufacturing and Repair

McGilvery, W I – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 5

Mckinley, Ray Technical Sergeant *

McNabb, Everett L – Inspector, Engine Overhaul

Meck, Bernard H – Maintenance, Unknown Hangar

Mezzacappa, Samuel A          Unknown *

Michaelis, Margie – American Red Cross, Base Hospital

Mickelson, Kenneth – Sheet Metal, Movie Projectionist

Miller Jr, Thomas A – Crew Chief, Hangar 7

Miller, Elliott E – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 4

Miller, G I – Unknown *

Miller, Lowell P – Electrician, Starter and Generator Repair

Miller, Ormand – Base Supply

Miller, Robert L – Chaplain’s Assistant

Miller, Terrence J – Unknown *

Moehring, David – Base Supply

Moeller, Charles J – Unknown *

Moenich, Milton L – Electrician, Electrical Equipment Specialist

Molloy, Vincent – Engine Overhaul, Fleet Air Arm, 13 Hangar

Moore, J G – Commanding Officer

Morgan, Edward – Crew Chief, Hangar 4, 29th Air Depot Group

Morigerato, Anthony – Engine Test Cells

Moring, Thomas L – Radio Maintenance

Moss, John G – Radio Section, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Mullins, Bernie – Base Supply

Multer, Martin H – Armourer, Armament Shop, 315th Ordinance Battalion

Murdock, Leanord A – Motor Pool, 223rd Truck Company

Murphy, L R – Engine Mechanic, Engine Test Cells

Murtha, Micheal – Pilot, Flight Test *

Musso, Frank – Sheet Metal, Machine Shop

Myers, Robert C – Sheet Metal, Hangar 2

Nabe, Walbert – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 2

Nalls, William R – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Nanes, John – Chief, Radio Repair

Nelson, A W – Station Commander *

Nelson, Conrad R – Heat Treating, Manufacturing and Repair

Nelson, Ralph G – Chemical Warfare Officer

Nelson, Theodore Edwin – Unknown *

Nevin, Hilda – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Newman, Carl – Sheet Metal, Hangar 2

Newsome, William D – Transmitter Repair, Radio Shop

Nickerson, Milford A – Machinist, Machine Shop

Nickerson, Robert I – Unknown *

Niemi, William – P-51 Specialist, Hangar 5 *

O’Brien, Richard F – Engine Overhaul, Base Engineers, Hangar 13

O’Connor, Andrew M – Radio Shop

O’Hara Jr, J J – Commanding Officer

Oakland, Ray – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Oberdorf, Paul – Technical Sergeant *

Oden, James C – Medic, Base Hospital

Oldenburg, Arthur – Aircraft Radio Installer, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Olson, Norman M – Manufacturing and Repair, Sheet Metal

Orlick, Peter – Flight Test *

Orrie, (Sgt) –  Sheet Metal *

Orth, Burtie – Pilot, Flight Test *

Ostergren, Clifford B – Assistant Adjutant, Base HQ, 7th Air Depot Group

Overall, Fred – Unknown

Palagonia, Frank J – Tool Attendant, Manufacturing and Repair, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Palermo, Micheal – 310th Ferry Squadron

Parr, James Maunel – Unknown *

Pasha, Albert J – Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Line, 7th Air Depot Group

Peters, Albert H – Radio Shop, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Petzinger, George – Welder, Manufacturing and Repair

Phillips, Charles E – Gyroscopes, Instrument Shop

Pickel, Emmanuel – Gyroscopes, Instrument Shop, 50th Air Depot Group

Pickering, William – Flight Test *

Pieper, Fred G – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Piper, James – Propeller Shop

Piscatelli, Tone – Hangar 4 *

Platt, Burton F – Inspector, Maintenance Hangar

Pockmire, Raymond C – Radio Technician, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Pool, Norman R – Parts Expiditer, 7th Air Depot Group

Pope, George – Machinist, Manufacturing and Repair

Pope, Stanley A – Machinist, Manufacturing and Repair

Porche, Robert           P-51 Specialist, Hangar 5 *

Porter, Charles F – Station Photographer

Porter, George J – Auto Supply Officer

Porter, Louise – American Red Cross, Aero Club Director

Potote, Torino Joe – Assistant Hangar Chief, Hangar 5, 29th Air Depot Group

Potter, Jack D – Maintenance Inspector, Hangar 2

Rader, Ira R – Commanding Officer

Ratzburg, William – Engine Test Cells *

Reese, Pee wee – Flight Test *

Renalto, Domonic – Unknown *

Rogney, Arthur James – Unknown *

Romanowski, Skip – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Rothermel, F – Base Adjutant’s Office, HQ *

Ruggles, Stanley – Unknown *

Rupp, Earl W – Aircraft Inspector, Maintenance Hangars

Russell, Jervis – Crash Crew, Bar Tender, 7th Air Depot Group

Russell, Nell – Chief Nurse, American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Ryan, Paddy – Unknown

Sabolic, Joseph – Radio Line

Salmon, William – Sheet Metal Repair, 911th Air Engineering Squadron

Sampson, Jay – Unknown *

Sandhaus, MD Julius L – Commanding Officer, Base Hospital

Sauble, William M – Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair, 7th Air Depot Group

Sayers, Edward – Pilot, Flight Test *

Scarborough, Nelson – Unknown *

Schaeffer, John W – Propeller Governors, Electrical Shop

Schepers, Clemens J – Engine Overhaul, Engine Test Cells

Schindler, Charles M – Salvage Parts ID, Aircraft Salvage

Schmenk, Leonard B – Small Motor Repair, Electrical Hangar

Schneider, John – Unknown *

Schnieders, James – Salvage Warehouse

Schooling, Gale E – Chief, Flight Test *

Schufreider, Lawrence J – Maintenance HQ

Schultz, Paul H – Flight Test, Crew Chief, 10th Air Depot Group

Scotch, Anthony – Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Flight Test

Scott, Quentin L – Crew Chief, 29th Air Depot Group

Scott, Ralph G – Radio Section, 36th Station Complement Squadron *

Scott, T W – Commanding Officer

Sebby, Richard R – Aircraft Mechanic

Seeger, Carl – Base Supply, 29th Air Depot Group

Seep, Robert – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Severne, John – Commanding Officer, Maintenance Inspection

Shafer, William D – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 2

Sharpley, (Dr) –  Doctor, Base Hospital *

Shaw, James H – Flying Control *

Shea, Pat – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Shick, Donald E – Gyroscopes, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Shortall, John G – Flying Control Commander *

Sideleau, George – Machinist, Machine Shop, Engine Overhaul

Silverman, Sam – Unknown *

Simonson, Redene W – Unknown *

Singh, Norman D – Guard, POW Stockade

Skillman, George R – Radio Technician

Skirkment, Robert J – Air Inspector’s Office, 402nd Air Depot

Skirko, Anthony – Propeller Specialist, Propeller Shop

Smith (Cpt) –  Aircraft Salvage Department *

Smith, Paul E – Hangar 5 *

Smith, Arthur – Clerk, Base HQ, 7th Air Depot Group

Smith, Clark A – Armament Chief

Smith, Francis A – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Snowden, Eldon M – Radio Technician

Sommers, John L – Governor Control Mechanic, Propeller Shop

Southward, Carl – Machinist, Tool and Die Area

Southward, Ellis – Machinist, Tool and Die Area

Sparks, James E – Parachute and Clothing Repair, Safety Equipment

Spinner, Arthur R – Instrument Maintenance Officer, Radio Shop

Stahlbusch, Harold R – Base Engineering

Stamper, Chet – Carburettor Shop, Hangar 13

Stauffer, Morris L – Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Steinmetz, C W – Commanding Officer

Stenglein, Joseph A – Commanding Officer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Sterk, Fred – Base Supply, Hangar 3, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Stettler, Harry L – Base Supply

Stevenson, Melvin F – Phone Operator, Base HQ

Stevenson, Rudy – American Red Cross, Base Hospital *

Stillwell, Howard A – Pilot, 27th Transport Group, 311th Ferry Squadron

Stoke, Edward – Flying Control *

Stout, Donald W – Machinist, Manufacturing and Repair

Strainic, Eli – First Sergeant, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Stroehle, Kenneth J – Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Flight Test

Stromberg, Robert – Engine Test Cells *

Swank, Peter – Pilot *

Swanson, William H – Aircraft Mechanic, Glider Assembly

Swartz, Raymond – Admin Section

Switzer, Rudolf – HQ Message Centre

Szmania, Raymond J – Flight Test

Talaki, Adam – Pilot, Flight Test *

Tatro, Robert G – Crew Chief, Hangar 3

Tauber, Sol – Camera Repair, Instrument Shop

Taylor Sr, George E – Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Line

Taylor, John C – Flying Control *

Taylor, Leonard – Gyroscopes, Instrument Repair, Hangar 9

Thern, Royal G – Unknown *

Thias, Jack – Fire Marshall, Base Fire Department, 2004th EAFFP

Thomas Sr, Charles A – Clerk, Air Force Supply Class 13

Thomas, John H – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Thomas, Ralph V – NCIOC Repairable Shop

Thomas, Walter A J – Clerk, Flight Test, Manufacturing and Repair Offices, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Threadwell, (Lt) – Unknown *

Throop, E A – Sheet Metal Repair, 23rd Air Depot Group

Thwaites, C Spencer – Flight Engineer, Crew Chief, Flight Test

Tice, Howard – Hangar 4 *

Tighe, Richard I – Admin Clerk, Maintenance HQ

Timmons, John A – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 5

Torrey, Melvin L – Line Chief, 87th Air Transport Group, 310th Ferry Squadron

Tryba, Ted – P-51 Specialist, Hangar 5 *

Turner, Charles E – Engine Overhaul, 416th Air Service Group, Hangar 13

Twitty, Henry – Radio Operator, 310th Ferry Squadron

Ulrich, Richard – NCOIC Prod’ Planning, Manufacturing and Repair

Uter, Lawrence J – Radio Operator, 27th Air Transport Group

Vacca, Mike – Mail Clerk, Site 10

Vallee, H W – Unknown *

Van Duyn, Richard L – Telephone Operator, Base HQ, 36th Station Complement Squadron

Vazeille, Creed De – Base Construction Officer *

Vorman, Robert – Unknown *

Wade, Arthur – Line Chief, Hangar 5 *

Wallace, David H – Carpenter Shop, Manufacturing and Repair *

Wallace, Lester – Aircraft Electrician, Hangar 5

Wallace, Russell J – Stock Clerk, Carburettor Department, Hangar 13

Walton, R N – Crew Chief, Hangar 5

Watson, S Ferguson – Barber, Site 10

Watters, William R – Pilot, Flight Test *

Weigle, Ronald L – Gyroscopes, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Weinberger, Walter J – Auto Pilot Technician, Instrument Shop, 50th Air Depot Group, Hangar 9

Weirzbolowicz, John – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Welker, Adam – Auto Pilot Repair, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Wenman, Harold – Staff Sergeant, Clerk to the Base Commander

Werner, MD Max – Site Physician, Site 12 Dispensary

White, Gordon P – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Whitehead, L Clayton – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Widner, Clifford L – Colonel Moore’s Driver, Carburettor Shop, Hangar 13

Wiggs, James H – Radio Line Maintenance

Wildbur, Willard – Engineering Officer *

Willett, John – Pilot, Flight Test *

Williams, Charles Roger – Debriefing Officer, 310th Ferry Squadron

Williams, Llewelyn – Radio Repair Officer, Pilot, 310th Ferry Squadron

Williams, Walter Lloyd – Engine Mechanic, Pre Flight, 7th Air Depot Group

Willis Sr, Leslie G – Engine Overhaul, Hangar 13

Winquist, James L – Radio Technician

Wise, Ross – Retraction Specialist, Hangar 3

Witsman, Leland M – Hangar Chief, Flight Test, Hangars 6 and 7, 100th Airdrome Squadron

Wokaty, Ernest E – Pressure Instrument Specialist, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Woltemath, Wally – Pilot, Flight Test

Wortham, Dan – Aircraft Mechanic, Hangar 4

Wrosch, Orville – Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Flight Test *

Wytzka, Roy – Electrical Instruments, Instrument Shop, Hangar 9

Zeigler, Robert – Bomb Sight and Auto Pilot Repair

Zernicke, Carl – Military Police, 976th Military Police Company