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Between 1942 and 1945, Warton Aerodrome was known as Base Air Depot No. 2. In the three years it was active it processed over 10,000 aircraft and saw over 45,000 aircraft movements. Every type of American aircraft used in the European Theatre of Operations visited B.A.D.2. The unit also processed over 422,120 aero engines, parachutes, accessories, armaments, radios and instruments. The work done here was essential to the war in Europe yet its story, and those of the people and aircraft there, are to this day almost unheard of.

This new site will become a hub of all things BAD-2, with stories and photos from contributors all over the world! If you have your own BAD-2 story you’d like featured, contact: bad2enquiries@gmail.com


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  1. I would like to know if possible who hercules was at warton Bad 2 during the war years he engraved in the hanger floor a message to someone presumably his love or his wife called salvia under her name was 2 hearts with an arrow through joining the 2 hearts together theen his name hercules then underneath was a skull & crossed bones it would be nice to find out who he was and if they are still alive or any relations that are still alive I would love to send a photo of the engraving from the hanger 5 floor.


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